When your home or business is ready for grass, there are two options available to you: seed or sod.

If your property is in need of a quick facelift of your outdoor space, sod is the way to go. When the pre-grown rolls of grass are installed, there is quickly a look of fresh green life.  It still needs regular watering in order for the grass to root into the dirt beneath it but by using sod, you are able to avoid the delay of grass seed germinating and patchy look as it comes in. Both seeded grass and sod need time for their roots to become established before they can be used for regular foot traffic, play, or entertainment, but with sod this is 2 – 3 weeks instead of over a month.

Once summer heat has begun, seed germination rates are so low that seeding isn’t a good option. Sod can be installed anytime and offers the added benefit of reducing weeds in the grass. Since Clear Sky Yard Care & Landscaping uses only high-quality sod, there are very few to no weeds present in the sod itself. Once it is established and well cared for, the sod will outcompete most weeds that try to grow.

On sloped areas of your property, sod also gives the benefit of instant erosion control. It will prevent wind and rain from carrying your soil away.

One of the risks with sod is that when improperly installed the grass at the edge of the roll does not end up in contact with the ground, preventing the grass there from getting water and quickly dying. These dead patches are unsightly. Prevent this by having your sod professionally installed by Clear Sky Yard Care & Landscaping, we are able to install sod so that the seams between rolls are near invisible and all the grass is able to establish its roots.

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